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Consulting engineers, surveyors and planners 

Spencer Holmes Ltd

Spencer Holmes Ltd are a multi-discipline firm of 35 professionals and support staff offering engineering, survey and planning services.  When upgrading our accounting software we looked at a variety of packages. ABM offered significant advantages to our practice. We agreed to work with developers to create a time cost module more suited to the needs of professionals who record time and disbursement costs at job level. We were looking for a spreadsheet style application which was easy to use, simple to maintain and allowed each staff member to enter their own timesheets daily. The application comes with a Job Management Viewer, which allows us to review the time charges, disbursement costs, accounts payable and acounts receivable etc. We are very pleased with the result that has been achieved."

Hudson Moody - Director of Surveying and Planning



CLG Developments Ltd 

"I feel with ABM accounting that our business can grow in any direction. If we require additional fields, reports or integration to specialist applications it’s available to us. I have selected for software assurance which guarantees me updates on a regular basis and also ensures that changes in technology are catered for."

Tara McCormack - IT Manager



Ashbrook Engineering Ltd

"When selecting our accounting solution it was most important to select one that suited our industry and that would have proper on-going support. With this in mind we selected Advanced Business Manager accounting software a totally integrated solution, provided by Software Support Systems Ltd. It was refreshing to work with a company that understood our business and were able to provide valuable advice on the setup of the system."


Stainless Design Ltd

"Stainless Design Ltd is a leading manufacturer of all products steel related; we have been operating since 1988 and have a known reputation for quality and unbeatable customer satisfaction. When choosing a manufacturing system, we needed full integration with our accounting system (Advanced Business Manager) and our Bill of Materials to be easily customised to speed our service delivery for our customers. The ABM Manufacturing System was the logical choice for offering us a flexible solution to address these issues. Not only has it significantly simplified our production process, but its ability to quickly forecast materials has given us a real competitive advantage in our industry."

John Cook - Managing Director


Foot Science International Ltd

"Foot Science International is a successful, privately owned company exporting the unique Formthotics range of insoles to markets around the globe. Since the invention of Formthotics in the early 1980's, Foot Science International has developed a wide range of similar products for medical professionals and for widespread use in general and specialist sports markets.

Today, Foot Science International has unequalled experience, a strong manufacturing base and an international marketing focus that has seen Formthotics patented and trademarked in numerous countries around the world.

FSI was looking to implement a fully-integrated, enterprise wide solution that would optimise the flow of information throughout the company. FSI specifically wanted a solution to manage accounting, production, finished goods inventory and sales order processing. They wanted to improve the quality and accessibility of information for effective management of operations."

Priestley's Gourmet Delights Ltd

"ABM Manufacturing has provided a wonderful platform to enable us to understand our manufacturing operations from all business perspectives. Our business is not traditional in the sense that we are neither job shop nor process oriented; in fact we are a combination of both. The manufacturing solution flexibility, combined with hands on customer and developer service, allowed us to modify the programme to suit our very dynamic needs. The software is adding value to our business and that is always important when investing in information systems."

Neil Jensen - CEO