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ABM Warehousing Package

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ABM Warehousing Package is compiled with the ideal tools for managing a competitive business, with special focus on stock, assets and single-entry work flow. The package includes the core ABM accounting system with stock control, as well as the recommended Warehousing, Structured Stock, Asset Management and Business Intelligence optional modules.

The package is able to be customised to fit requirements, from removing or adding optional modules to specific bespoke applications developed for clients. The choice between Small Business or Enterprise editions are also available to suit.

Our Warehousing Industry Solution is a combination of our powerful core accounting software and the following optional modules:

ABM’s Asset Management provides you with comprehensive tracking of all assets within your business. Simple yet flexible are basic concepts of the system, allowing you to free your time and resources. With our asset management software, asset inventory management has never been easier.
The software has a great deal of flexibility which remains simple to... Click here to learn more about Asset Management.
ABM Structured Stock module caters for businesses whose stock fits within the Style/Colour/Size model. For example a specific product type, such as a shoe, is referred to as a Style. This product can then be stocked under many colours, sizes or user-defined attributes, allowing the module to cater for a range of industries with segmented stock structures... Click here to learn more about Structured Stock.
ABM Alchemex
Advanced Business Manager’s powerful reporting module, ABM Alchemex, gives your business the competitive edge by enabling quick and easy access to real-time information needed for operations and strategic planning. Effortlessly create reports and analyze data from Advanced Business Manager utilizing the familiar Microsoft® Excel® applic... Click here to learn more about Business Intelligence.
ABM's Warehousing module provides logical control and organisation of stock, allowing users to create a hierarchal structure in each warehouse with multiple aisles, levels, etc. and a waiting area for goods not yet put away. The module uses "bins" to organise and group stock depending on the user's grouping method, location, level or stage.
Improve your..... Click here to learn more about Warehousing.
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Bridging The Gap Between People, Process and Technology

Business initiatives are becoming more customer orientated, so it's essential they add value for your customers while building you a successful and profitable business.
The need for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] or Warehouse Managemen... Click here to learn more about Mobile Warehouse Management.

Other recommended Optional Modules

CRM Software, E-Commerce, Import Costing, Branch Management and Document Server