Why it's time to upgrade your customer retention strategy

31st January 2018


With profit margins slimming by the hour, customer retention can make the difference between success and failure.

It's no secret that keeping a client happy is more affordable than trying to win one over, and it's time your company's plans reflect this. With a customer relationship management (CRM) tool built into a business management software platform, keeping customers happy becomes a whole lot easier.

No task too tall

The challenges posed to manufacturers are the driving force behind the need for a better CRM solution. Although prices are always taken into consideration, purchasers have far higher expectations than ever before. They want to be included in the design process for proprietary products, expect order and activity history at a moment's notice and have come to rely on after-market servicing to meet a variety of needs, Infor reported.

CRM tools are key to meeting client expectations.Clients expect more out of service providers.

That's a fundamental challenge companies must deal with, and not all of the information needed to meet these promises is available in your run-of-the-mill CRM platform. This issue can become exacerbated during client visits, where representatives aren't able to go to the office to dig up what they need. Having a mobile CRM application tied directly to all the data captured by business management software is the key to overcoming these difficulties as sales representatives are able to access client information from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal.

Leaning on technology

Many organisations are already in the midst of digitising operations, with everything from accounting to inventory oversight moving to the cloud. CRMs and their mobile counterparts are the logical next step, but adopting the right program is half of the challenge.

A CRM tool must connect to other parts of the business.

They all must work as a part of a fully integrated system. Without that key component where data can flow freely throughout the company, sales representatives are left vulnerable to not being able to meet client demands. Furthermore, this type of connectivity also offers administrators the chance to review and derive insight from analytics based on customer retention. They can then better understand what actions lead to higher customer satisfaction, and what areas need to be improved.

With intuitive features like sales pipeline management, a personalised dashboard, access to campaigns and mobile capability, the Advanced Business Manager CRM tool is head and shoulders above the competition. Contact an Advanced Business Manager representative today to learn more.