The importance of a solid CRM system

28th June 2018


A CRM (customer relationship management) system is a key piece of software all businesses should use to make get the best from (and for) their customers. CRM systems can improve customer retention by up to 27 per cent according to Salesforce, a number that can translate into a sizeable amount of revenue over time.

Beside improved retention, what are some other benefits of CRM software?

Organisation of information

CRM software centralises all of your customer data in one place. This makes it a lot easier to find and therefore easier to use.

Without a CRM solution, all of the information in your business might be there, but it could be in an unusable form.

Data analytics

CRM software that has all of your customer data in one place gives the possibility for data analytics to take place. Even if the CRM itself doesn't do the analysis for you, its collection of the data into one database makes it a great deal more manageable than trying to enter that data by hand.

CRM software collates customer data in a seamless fashion, making it much easier to analyse.CRM software collates customer data in a seamless fashion, making it much easier to analyse.

Enhanced customer service

One of the best benefits that a CRM system offers is the chance to offer better customer service. It can be incredibly frustrating for a customer to call up a company with a problem, only to find that the person on the end of the line has none of the information about their customer history. With a CRM solution, customer service staff can access all of the information they might need, all within one piece of software.

Better internal communication

A common problem that can occur when customer data is scattered between different departments and computer programs is poor communication about customer accounts. Fragmentation of this kind makes it difficult for each part of the business to access and understand key information about its customers. When it's all contained in one place, however, the task becomes a whole lot easier - internal communication becomes much clearer, because everyone's looking

CRM software is a great way to improve your business, but it's even more powerful when it's integrated with the rest of your management software. When your customer communications are linked to their transaction and order history, the data suddenly becomes much more powerful. That's what Advanced Business Manager and its end-to-end software solution can offer. For more information on what our software can offer your business, request a demo today.