3 strategies for small businesses to boost productivity

27th February 2015


Productivity is one of the biggest issues in any business. No matter how large or small a company is, it is essential that staff operate effectively and achieve as much as possible during the day. With SME owners struggling to achieve a good work-life balance, the need to boost productivity and therefore reduce working hours is becoming a business essential.

There are many ways companies can address productivity within their business in order to ensure they are achieving their potential. These are three of the most effective: 

1) Change your work space

A poorly designed workplace can become a significant hazard to both employee wellbeing and productivity. Workstations that are improperly lit or noisy may be a distraction for both you and your staff, reducing overall performance. What's more, your staff may work best at times that don't fit with a nine-to-five workday, making it important to adjust as necessary.

Taking the time to understand how both you and your staff work best, and then optimising office design and working hours is an easy way to get the most from your employees.

2) Invest in effective software

New technology has made it easy for companies to replace repetitive, time-consuming activities with new processes that can reduce the amount of time spent on these tasks. By freeing up time for staff, they will have more time to commit to other activities and achieve more throughout their day.

Integrating accounting software into a company's operations is just one way businesses can use technology to reduce the processes they undertake and boost  their overall performance.

3) Prioritise effectively

One of the biggest challenges to productivity in the workplace is multitasking. While taking on many responsibilities is a common feature of running a small business, being able to prioritise and focus on the most important task at hand is essential for actually achieving more during the day.

By taking these steps, companies will be well-placed to improve their operations and achieve an increase in their overall performance.